About Me

Very few people have the communication skills to be so clear and concise as to not start a war on twitter.
One of the main reasons why I’ve dedicated myself to develop my copywriting skills. So, I can show up as my full multi-dimensional self online without holding back for fear of consequences. Without being misrepresented. Without endangering my reputation. Because no business can last long without a good reputation or a foundation of trust. 

Isabel, here. An introvert always learning new skills to expand my growth. 

Copywriting & Marketing Courses:

  • Write Your Way To Freedom
  • Copy Squad Bundle by Kyle Milligan
  • Write and Ignite Challenge by Alex Cattoni 

Tools, Softwares & Systems:

Google Doc

Google Sheet



Mail Chimp


(I’m always willing to grow new skills - usually best for a purpose)

Hard skills can always be trained but I believe soft skills are more valuable. Such as understanding social cues, ability to listen, apply empathy, anticipate other people’s needs. This adds a level of service satisfaction that will help further a teams progress & business in an easier way. 

A passion for stories, tea, snacks, creating new experiences, art, and nature.

My Values:

  • Creativity
  • Growth
  • Freedom
  • Empathy & Integrity

More About Me…

I've spent years learning about how to reach goals. Learning how people values and motivations are different. Discovering how to live a happier and more meaningful life, removing unhealthy and useless beliefs. Learning more about how to achieve predictable positive outcomes.

My soft skills helps me empathise and understand people easier, where they’re coming form and how they want to feel supported.

I love stories! Learning more about storytelling also helped develop analytical skills, and gain a deeper understanding of writing, culture and psychology. (There also might be some self published novels in my future)

Crafting a more emotionally driven impact. Especially in the self-development, wellness and creative industries.

I know you have vision for success. Driven by your values and intentions.

This is one of the first things I will ask about during our discovery call. My personalised process can address your individual needs.
Making your efforts can be utilised effectively.

Choosing words that accurately and uniquely represent your intentions, tone and brand style. Is important to create a deeper connection with your audience.

Along with representing your unique perspectives and ideas.

Articulation gives you more freedom to express yourself more accurately. To let people know you better. To be more honest and authentic.

About my hard skills…

I've also joined a high-quality coaching copywriting course. With people who have made millions for their clients. Having access to a quality group of copywriters, copywriting coaches and copywriting editors.

It also helps that I value my personal growth. Willing to learn new helpful skills and explore different experiences.

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