About Me

Great communication skills are the foundation of a great business.

 The reason why I’ve developed copywriting and storytelling skills. Because even as an introvert, it's easier to create deep meaningful connections with others.

Hard (technical) skills can always be trained but soft skills are harder to develop, they require applied empathy, active listening and more. 

EQ and soft skills are a huge indicator of success. Soft skills are often overlooked but are essential for an improved experience for the team and clients.

My interest in storytelling has always been there. And, goes beyond only to create great content or for marketing. Consistent self-study and writing stories in my free time. I hope to finish and edit the stories to publish in the future.

I love new experiences, art, and nature. And, I prefer hobbies that are peaceful and fun. To introduce new ways to provide balance, productivity and harmony into my life.

The values shape this brand:

  • Creativity
  • Growth
  • Wisdom
  • Integrity 


Copywriting & Marketing

Write Your Way To Freedom by Sarah Turner

Copy Squad Bundle by Kyle Milligan

Write and Ignite Challenge by Alex Cattoni

Business & Management

Pro Advisor QuickBooks Certificate

Certificate IV Commerical Cookery


Software & Tools



Google Suits & Google Drive

Accounting Quick Books Online